The Govt. ITI is enriched with beautifully made, spacious and well ventilated class rooms. It has a beautiful infrastructure of its kind, with facility of proper lighting in the classroom, providing full comfort to students which add on to increase student’s dedication towards their study and learning in the institute.


The institute has rich, well furnished, library with more than 3000 latest books on various subjects/titles, reference books for I.T.I. students as well as teachers. Its an open access-computerised library has been being managed by an experienced librarian. A book bank is created in the college which consist of Adequate number of books. A good number of books of latest edition are issued to them for the entire session. The ITI library has subscribes adequate number of magazines daily Hindi and English newspapers.

Computer Lab
The explosion of knowledge and research in the field of science, technology and information technology has made it imperative for teachers to acquaint their students in this institute with these latest subjects. This ITI has a computer lab with more than 20 computers. Each individual teacher is trained in the group and preparing computer assisted teaching material related to their subjects of specialization



Sports Facility
Besides academic courses in the institute, adequate, and equal emphasis is laid on games and sports in modern ITI. Therefore student are not only trained to organised games and sports in the institute but also encouraged to participate in games/sports. Adequate indoor and outdoor games/sports facilities have been provided.
savach bharat

ITI has big workshop with latest tools, equipments required for Engg. / Non Engg. trades in technical education self contained environment of a industries, capable of repairing automobiles, machineries and parts used in industries, fabricating small parts using basic machine tools, electrical / electronic equip. / appliances so test equipment repairing disamabling and overhauling with latest tools & equipments available with workshop.